Installation of ventilators and ventilation systems in Luxembourg

Optimized ventilation enables indoor air dehumidification of buildings without wasting heating energy.

The ventilation of passive and low-energy houses is a real challenge

Rapid air exchange and significant reduction in ambient humidity thanks to efficient heat recovery.

A low-energy house can consume a maximum of 70 kWh per square meter each year. A passive house needs just a maximum of 15 kWh of heating energy per square meter per year. It only needs to be heated during long, cold winters. These values can only be achieved if the house is well insulated and there is no heat loss through air exchange. This is essential for the well-being of the occupants and to prevent mold from growing.

Therefore, passive and low-energy houses require a ventilation system that supplies fresh air to the home without losing heat from the escaping air. A passive house, for example, uses around 75% of the heat from the exhaust air as heat recovery. HSL-Technik ensures that the ventilation system it installs is reliable and efficient.

Better quality of life with custom air conditioners from HSL-Technik

Whether it is a portable air conditioning unit or a fixed air conditioning unit, the specialists at HSL-Technik offer exclusively top-of-the-line air conditioners.

The summers are getting hotter and hotter. At least in the evening, everyone wants to be able to take a break from the heat with pleasant room temperature throughout their home or building. Air conditioning is therefore a priority for many homeowners. HSL-Technik offers a wide range of room air conditioners.

Whether you are looking for a device that you can place in the rooms you would like to cool at your convenience, or a fixed device, we have the model for you. Upon request, we provide portable monobloc air conditioners, which you can hook up and install yourself, or split systems (mono-split or multi-split air conditioner), which we would be happy to install permanently in your home.

Swimming pool dehumidification to prevent house damage

Swimming pools, but also saunas, require dedicated dehumidification to prevent moisture damage.

To maintain a comfortable indoor climate, pool humidity should be around 55% – 60%; therefore, modern indoor swimming pool equipment usually includes a dehumidification unit. This value of 55% – 60% can only be achieved with adequate pool dehumidification. HSL-Technik offers dehumidification units suitable for installation in a central hallway or in an equipment room.

Dehumidification units suck in humid air, dry it via a heat pump and blow dry air into the room, the extracted water flows into the swimming pool or into the sewage pipes. In the case of in-wall or ducted units, only the intake and exhaust are located in the swimming pool; the air drying takes place in the equipment room. We will be happy to give you advice so that you can enjoy the benefits of this technology.

We ensure a pleasant climate and ideal ventilation in workspaces

Tailor-made solutions for your air conditioning and ventilation needs in public spaces and commercial buildings.

In the craft and manufacturing industry, special requirements for air conditioning and ventilation technology must be taken into account. On the one hand, the working conditions regarding temperature, humidity and noise level must be respected. On the other hand, there are often special circumstances due to machines and work processes. In addition, climatic conditions must often be observed in order not to damage the products to be processed or to maintain processes.

Whether you need cool or warm temperatures or want humidity levels to be observed, HSL-Technik has a solution. We will install and maintain air conditioning and ventilation systems for the premises, falling within your desired set of parameters using the latest technology.

Ventilation equipment from dependable and reputable suppliers

We only work with suppliers offering reliable and high-quality products.

Contact us if you have any questions about ventilation, air conditioning or dehumidification!

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