Bathroom renovation in Luxembourg: Modern bathrooms with optimal water supply

HSL-Technik offers a full range of plumbing services: pipe restoration, water supply, rainwater harvesting and complete bathroom installation.

Modern, cozy and full bathrooms

Our experts will design the bathroom of your dreams.

Whether you just want to modernize an existing bathroom with new fixtures or add an entire new full bathroom, we will make it happen. In fact, we offer full-service plumbing, which even includes professional-quality tile installation. Most importantly, we listen to you when you tell us about your dream bathroom ideas. What does your perfect bathroom look like? Do you fancy a walk-in steam shower or a jetted massage tub? HSL-Technik will build your bathroom exactly as you imagine it!

Premium hot and cold water supply

Water is a precious element, so we take the water quality into account when installing the system.

Water is not just for washing. It is the most important nutrient that we take in on a daily basis. That is why we ensure that no pollutants contaminate the water in our pipes and fittings. Pipes, gaskets, seals, and connectors are made from materials that are safe, and the check valves carefully separate dirty water in dishwashers and washing machines from soft water.

When it comes to the hot water supply, we attach great importance to heating performance and cost efficiency. Thanks to smart planning and automatic water heating over 50 ° C, we guarantee perfectly sanitary, Legionella-free hot water. HSL-Technik addresses these water supply challenges so that you can get perfect quality water from every tap.

Soft water for skincare and laundry thanks to water softening

Protect your household appliances with HSL-Technik’s water softener systems.

Hard water is not harmful, but it does come with some drawbacks in everyday life. Washing machines and dishwashers are likely to calcify, and you will need to use more chemicals to avoid this problem. The presence of calcium in water can become a nuisance within the household, as coffee machines and kettles have to be frequently decalcified. Cleaning the taps and tiles also becomes more difficult because of the calcium buildup. And that’s not all, clothing loses its soft feel and doing laundry then becomes a tedious task. A water softener, which HSL-Technik installs on the main water line, will immediately solve all these problems. Of course, we can install ion exchange filters on only the supply lines of household appliances, if desired.

Save on water and wastewater treatment costs by using rainwater

Instead of using valuable drinking water for flushing toilets and washing, use rainwater.

Drinking water is too precious to be flushed down the toilet. Rainwater, on the other hand, can be used for flushing the toilet and watering the garden. Stricter hygiene requirements apply if you also want to use rainwater to run your washing machine. Washing with rainwater saves money and preserves drinking water sources. Moreover, washing clothes in soft rainwater means you need about 20% less detergent. HSL-Technik installs technically sound and hygienically pure catch basins and drainage systems for rainwater harvesting. Of course, we also perform maintenance work on a regular basis to keep your rainwater drainage system perfectly sanitary. If you would like more detailed information on rainwater harvesting, please contact us.

Pipe restoration, because clean water only comes from clean pipelines

HSL-Technik cleans and protects water pipes by removing rust and calcium buildup and by coating them with plastic.

Water pipes gradually get clogged from the inside due to rust and calcium buildup. The water pressure drops, sometimes it just drips from the tap. Calcium deposits provide the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. Deposits also have a negative effect on the energy efficiency of boilers, solar panel systems, heat exchangers, radiators and underfloor heating.

By restoring your piping, we rid your water supply system of such scales and, after treatment with disinfectants, the entire pipe network will have adequate sanitation and be suitable for drinking water. HSL-Technik restores your piping without any caulking work. Walls, floors and your furniture remain intact, as we clean your sewer and drainage lines in accordance with DIN 1988, which does not require access through building materials.

When it comes to water supply and sanitation, we only work with the most reputable and dependable suppliers

These suppliers ensure the highest quality of work, which for you means long-lasting plumbing.

Feel free to contact us to receive detailed guidance and a non-binding quote for your water supply and sanitation needs.

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