Air conditioning in Luxembourg: A pleasantly cooled house thanks to an AC system

Eliminate the summer heat from your workplace and your bedroom

A simple method of cooling with monobloc or window air conditioners

Provides a pleasantly cooled climate with an attractive design that contains no visible features covering the facade.

Monobloc means that the air conditioner consists of a single block in which the coolness is produced by an evaporator and the heat by a compressor. We install modern and slim indoor wall units on an exterior wall. Only two air ducts lead outside. The air conditioner draws in the outside air, cools it and dries it before the unit blows coolness into the room. The hot exhaust air escapes through the second air duct during which condensation may occur. We can also install window units. These devices are easy to convert as no air duct is required.

The control is automatic, and our units can be controlled via a smartphone. Models with Inverter technology can even enable the desired temperature to be maintained at a constant level.

We assemble and install split air conditioning systems on site

Mono-split and multi-split air conditioning systems: from cooling individual rooms to air conditioning an entire house.

Split systems consist of an indoor unit with an evaporator for cooling and an outdoor unit with a compressor (condenser) which produces heat. The two units are connected by refrigerant lines, so only certified professionals like those from HSL-Technik are allowed to install them. Mono-split units have an outdoor unit connected to a cooling unit. They use it to cool an individual room. In multi-split units, a condenser is usually connected to 6 or 8 evaporators. You can therefore cool several rooms with a single compressor.

Only small openings in the masonry are needed for the refrigerant lines, but the compressor takes up some space outside. The condensate is usually removed by an additional pump.

Portable air conditioners provide coolness wherever you need it

A flexible cooling solution: no fixed installation; just put it in the room, turn it on and you’re done.

All portable air conditioners are monobloc systems. They differ from wall and window devices in that they can be placed freely in the room and no air duct is required. To dissipate heat, you need an exhaust hose that carries the heat to a window opening. You can also install an exhaust duct in each room that you want to cool with the appliance and connect the hose there.

These devices are perfect if you want to cool different rooms during the day, such as the office in the afternoon and the bedroom at night. However, they are generally less efficient than fixed units …

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